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TIMATEC COATING GMBH is engaged over 10 years in the EPS industry  for the manufacture of special machines.  At beginning, the emphasis on the production of EPS - molding machines for the packaging industry. Later also the accessories such as molding tools and other accessories of dust exhaust ventilation systems for recycled EPS – materials  as well as mills and silo are included in the delivery program.

Also a very successfully market are the EPS – step sound solution program. Here we delivered before 10 years our first EPS Block press machine in horizontal execution. Meanwhile, more than 10 machines, the most in vertically execution are successfully at the production at our customers. The final product can be found in the EPS step sound solutions production and here in particular the Tracker - system for floor heating or cooling program. Block presses are very successful in use in horizontal and vertical version, up to a block length of 6 m. Our machines operate with fully automated production process without staff.

As a highlight, we have in the EPS – step sound solution program, a complete production line for producing of rolls up to 12 meters roller length for the Tacker system. The EPS-plates we slotted, then we coated this plates with hot melt glue and make the lamination with PP foils -  this all in fully automatic production process and with high production speed.

All machines are computer-controlled and equipped with the newest software and with the SIMATIC - S7 – machinery control system.

EPS - Coating Line for the production of
economic EPS systems for floor heating

Stapler automat for fast
positioning of heating pipes/
hoses with clamping elements

Stapler elements are suitable for heating pipes
from 6-20 mm




Moisture barrier: The laminated PE foil grid prevents moisture absorption and guarantees a good hold of the clamping elements

Insulation without cold transfer: The roller conveyors with overlapping grid foil with self-adhesive strips at the next Roller attached for a solid connection with no cold transfer

Economically: No system can be installed as simple and fast also easily and with minimum wastage

Installation options: The grid equipped PE - foil allows any of the installation of heating pipes and also the distance between the pipes.
A very flexibel system for each situation!

Material: PST-SE
Stepp -sound- improvement: 29 DB
Nominal thicknees: 20/50 mm
Moisture barrier: PE-Rasterfolie 0,2 mm
Thermal resistance:
bei 32/30 = 0,66 m2 K/W
Fire class: B1
Measured grid: 5/10 cm
Packaging unit: 10m2/Rolle
Size: 10 x 1m=10m2









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